Why (why why) are animal “rights” orgs still promoting a vegetarian diet?


peta2 shared this absurd poster today (without the red “x”), and I wanted to share the comment I left on it with you:

“First, slaughterhouses *do* essentially have glass walls (i.e. undercover videos).

Second, animals used for a vegetarian diet *go* to slaughterhouses (i.e. dairy cows and laying hens) so this quote is absurd. We want people to go vegan which is an ethical position against animal exploitation/use and a corresponding way of living, not vegetarian which is a diet.

Third, Paul McCartney is a vegetarian (nonvegan)…who supports animal exploitation/use. Why would we promote an animal exploiter/user?

Fourth, go vegan. Learn more here: www.WhyVeganism.com

– Sarah

Why (why why) are animal “rights” orgs still promoting a vegetarian diet? Stop that. Please promote veganism. Check out TAVS Advocacy.

This poster shows a photo of a mother pig in a gestation crate and one of her dead babies dead outside of the crate. The text on the poster reads, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” – Paul McCartney. I added a red “x” over the quote.