Dealing with sexism requires initiative.

There are a number of things that a rational approach to animal rights will entail…perhaps one of the most crucial of these which I explore in my upcoming book is the firm rejection of sexism. In a movement that is mostly women but dominated by men, sexism becomes irrational in that it 1. counters our social justice values 2. disempowers 80% of the movement and 3. discredits the movement in the larger social movement arena.

Dealing with sexism requires initiative. Male-identified leaders must take their position seriously, and part of that serious consideration will entail ceding some or all of that that leadership to marginalized demographics. Male leaders should take reports of sexism and sexual violence seriously and have absolutely no tolerance for it. It will take more than waiting for the marginalized to point out problems. Advocates with privilege must start identifying it and rejecting it themselves. They must create a strategy to prevent it from happening in the first place. Those in a position of power are those who must take the initiative to create a safer, just, and rationally consistent movement. This is not to say that rank-and-file folks will not be involved in this goal as well. Neither is it only men who should pay attention to this problem. Advocates of any gender must take these reports seriously and support one another.

– Corey Wrenn, 7/12/15