David Wolfe, Honey is Not Vegan

David Wolfe (also known as David “Avocado” Wolfe) is a self-described “Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert.” He appeared in the movies Food Matters and Hungry for Change and is known, to an extent, in the vegan community due to his focus on “healthy” food.

As vegans, we strive to keep the definition of what constitutes “vegan” food accurate, lest the term “vegan” become diluted like the term “vegetarian” did (once meaning a diet without animal products, now meaning a diet without meat).

Wolfe has, unfortunately, misled thousands of people on several occasions about honey being vegan. Honey is not vegan because it is an animal product. I guess it is not surprising considering David Wolfe is a beekeeper. But it is extremely problematic for him to be misrepresenting the critically important term “vegan.”

The image below is a screenshot of a “Vegan Chocolate Mousse” recipe he posted on April 1, 2015 with a red arrow (which I added) pointing to the ingredient “1/4 cup raw honey” (which is not vegan).

David Wolfe Vegan Nonvegan Chocolate Mousse

Unfortunately, Wolfe misrepresenting the critically important term “vegan” was not a one-time thing. Here are three additional instances of him doing so from just the past few months: January 2015, December 2014, and December 2014.

Several people informed Wolfe that “Honey is not vegan” and asked him to stop saying it is. But those comments seem to have been ignored time and time again. So, it was pretty disheartening to see the following two comments on Wolfe’s “Vegan Chocolate Mousse” post:

The screenshot below shows a Facebook comment that says, “never knew honey was vegan”.

Result 1

The screenshot below shows a Facebook comment that says, “honey is now vegan”.

Result 2

Wolfe has a huge following on Facebook and elsewhere. The image below is a screenshot of David Wolfe’s Facebook page showing he has 584,047 page “Likes,” as of April 4, 2015.

David Wolfe Facebook Likes

We are posting this information, not to “attack” Wolfe but, to inform the vegan community about this situation which is extremely harmful not just to bees but to all nonhuman animals because it is about the obliteration of the very definition of the word “vegan.”